Launchpad Mini Apps

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Project Details

Company: SAP SuccessFactors

Platform: Web (responsive)

Date: May, 2016

The SAP SuccessFactors Launchpad, on top of providing a great overview of your workday and your team, also has several convenient interactions or mini apps. Some of them are as simple as an action list or an announcement; and some are more powerful, yet still optimized for quick actions right on a spot, without leaving the homepage and losing its context. Approvals are made now so easy and efficient that most managers can take care of them in a matter of seconds. Approvals mini app served as a basis for the full UI app designed for admins and high-volume scenarios. Manage My Team app has also been so popular that it is currently being enhanced to become a standalone app.
User experience and visual design (sometimes in collaboration with other user experience designers); see also the Launchpad.

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