The Launchpad

SAP SuccessFactors Homepage
Project Details

Company: SAP SuccessFactors

Platform: Web (responsive)

Date: May, 2016

The new SAP SuccessFactors launchpad project was a redesign and enhancement of the older homepage. As a result, we have simplified interactions, organized content based on user roles and made quick tasks (mini apps) efficient without even leaving the page. One of the central features of the launchpad is the Todos that are presented in a quite unorthodox way – as tiles. Each tile is a group of todos, which allows users to see their tasks in a concise view and deal with them by type. In addition, the launchpad surpasses its main purpose – just launching applications; it also gives a great overview of a user’s work day and ‘tells a story’. The usability study showed a great user experience improvement compared to the older version (last image). SAP SuccessFactors launchpad serves over 50 millions users daily, simplifying and streamlining their work.
I worked on user experience and visual design, partnering with product management team and consulting software engineers. Since SAP SuccessFactor homepage is a hub for 20+ products, I also closely worked with other product designers on various user experience topics related to the launchpad.

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